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Circadia Skin Peels

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Circadia Enzyme Facials
Treatment Time – 30 mins

Single Treatment £35 Course of 3 £114 Course of 6 £225

  • Cocoa Enzyme – Calms down irritated or inflamed skin & gently exfoliates, leaving the skin with a healthy luminous appearance.
  • Red Raspberry Enzyme – Appropriate for ageing and sun damaged skin
  • Zymase Enzyme – Appropriate for all skin types, especially heavily keratinised skin.

Circadia Oxygen RX Facial (3 for £204) (6 for £400) £80
Oxygen Rx treatment is designed to kill anaerobes this germicidal action makes it excellent for acne. Oxygen Rx also helps vascular constriction effectively treating rosacea and telangiectasia. Increases skin function stimulating endothelial cells to make new blood vessels which will allow more blood to enter making it easier to get nutrients into the skin. Stimulates fibroblasts to create more collagen in the dermis and makes skin firmer.

Circadia Oxygen & Enzyme Treatment – (6 for £550) £110 Circadia

Switch Rejuvenation System (6 for £470)(10 for £760) £95
SWiCH is based on physiological principle of indicating the natural repair system of the skin to become active. Activation of the repair system can then effect a restoration of both sun-damaged skin and skin ageing. Simple to apply and easily tolerated with no downtime.

Circadia PK Lactic Peel – (3 for £125)(6 for £250) £50
Helps to lessen the appearance to hyperpigmentation and hydrates the skin while drying up any excess oil.

Circadia PK Dermafrost Skin Peel – (3 for £180)(6 for £350) £70
To address acne skin, clients can expect a mild to moderate amount of physical peeling.

Circadia PK Alpha/Beta Peel (3 for £180)(6 for £350) £70
A mix peel of Lactic and Salicylic acid giving the benefits of both acids in one peel. The skin is left more soft, toned and luminous.

Circadia Red Carpet Oxygen Rx Treatment – (6 for £550) £110
Enzyme peel – Lactic Acid Skin peel 35% and Oxygen Rx Treatment. This fabulous treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. Can be repeated as often as once per week (oxygen only). With the enzyme treatment included it can be repeated once every third week.

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Circadia Skin Peels